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Our Story

A Love Letter to Your Skin

Thu Brulé logo in a wax stamp

My Beloved Skin,

You are my canvas of experiences.

In every hue and texture, you tell the story of my journey. Your resilience is a testament to the strength that resides within, a beauty that blossoms with every challenge. I cherish every emotion etched into your existence, the way you hold the warmth of laughter and the traces of tears, all precious reminders of a life fully lived. Each freckle, scar, and wrinkle whispers secrets only we know, weaving a tapestry of memories only we share.

Thank you for being my constant companion, my protector, and the silent narrator of my life.

A Testament to Self-Care

Infused with rare botanical extracts and multiple hyaluronic acids, Thursty Skin Hydrating Fluid delivers a surge of hydration that transcends the ordinary. With each application, your skin drinks in this elixir of rejuvenation, revealing a luminous complexion that radiates from within. Our passion is to create thoughtful, luxurious products for everyone to enjoy – products that work on a cellular level and contribute to healthy living and well-aging.

Formulated to work in harmony with your skin

Our formulas are a blend of natural ingredients combined with the best of clinical research to deliver real results without compromising skin health. Our focus is on replenishing, restoring, and rejuvenating skin by amplifying hydration with proven ingredients.

Skincare Alchemist

Meet wellness visionary and the creative force behind the line, Thu Brulé.

As a paragon of healthy living, Thu made it her mission to craft formulas that transcend skincare to become a journey of self-care and indulgence. By seamlessly blending nature and science, each Thu Brulé skincare product is a true marvel - a testament to meticulously composed ingredients that elevate your skincare experience and yield stunning results.

Each product mirrors Thu’s dedication to a lifestyle of radiance and vitality across life’s diverse stages. She created the line as an invitation to fall in love with your skin as you embrace the joy of self-care.

Four bottles of Free Spirit sunscreen staged with stones and red flowers

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