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ingredients + formulation

Your Skin, Redefined.

Thursty Skin™ Bottle on white textured background

Skin Transforming Benefits

An intensive, luxe fluid concentrate that stimulates key structural and cellular components for instantly younger behaving skin.

StimuCell 5 featuring Rambutan:

  • stimulates weakened and sluggish skin cells into behaving younger
  • multifunctional actives work to regenerate cellular energy
  • optimizes skin barrier function and cell-to-cell communication

HydroLock 360:

  • delivers maximum below-the-surface hydration with 5 different forms of hyaluronic acid
  • recharges thirsty skin cells for sustained moisture content and long-lasting hydration
  • instantly smooths and plumps, giving skin a fresh, radiant glow

Force of Nature Ingredients + Science

Our key, clean and sustainable ingredients are the foundation for all of our formulas

A Lavish Skincare Ritual that Starts with Deep Hydration

Hydrolock 360


HydroLock 360

Experience the potent hydrating power of multi-weight hyaluronic acids with our proprietary HydroLock 360 technology for instant soothing and plumping, diminishing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and a fresh, youthful glow.

Rambutan Fruit


Enhances the skin’s brightness and luminosity

Rambutan extract protects against oxidative stress on the skin, resulting in more radiant skin.

Woman's face with water running down it


improves skin hydration

The secret to hydrated skin? Hyaluronic acid, which binds water & holds it within the skin’s surface.

Vietnamese woman and children in a field

From Vietnam, with love

In 2015, BASF set up the Rambutan Program, which involves a network of local farmers and a dedicated Rambutan team. Sourced from Vietnam's first organic-certified rambutan gardens in Dong Nai, the team maintains the gardens throughout the year, harvests the fruit, and prepares all raw materials for the extraction of the bioactive ingredients.

92% felt their skin was more hydrated

Our products are backed by thorough research with proven results. Participants in a clinical study used Thu Brulé Thursty Skin Hydrating Fluid twice daily and after 8 weeks, 92% felt a visible improvement in their skin’s hydration and overall texture.

Representation of the hydration from Stimucell 5 and Hydrolock 360

Our secret? Hydrolock 360 and Stimucell 5

Experience the pinnacle of skin hydration excellence with our Thursty Skin™ Hydrating Fluid. This elegant formula was developed to change the "landscape of your skin" from the inside out. High-performance actives are paired with skin-soothing & moisturizing ingredients that deeply nourish tired, sluggish skin cells and prompt them to behave younger resulting in improved radiance, texture, and tone.

Thursty Skin™ bottle laying amongst Hibiscus flowers

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